Anna Pairaló is a dedicated Yoga teacher and practitioner, who wholeheartedly encourages her students to bring out their best selves onto each practice without losing their sense of humour. Her classes are always filled with laughter and are usually as physically challenging / stimulating as they are fun and transformative.

When she is not teaching retreats and workshops nationally and internationally, she can be found sharing the practice at her home studio, Go Yoga! Zaragoza; an out-of- the-box Yoga experience that has gained a community following of  truly passionate yogis in Saragossa.

Anna is forever on a quest for wisdom, health and happiness. Having received training in the Iyengar, Ashtanga, Sivananda, Hatha and Tripsichore Yoga systems, Anna has also studied other healthcare sciences, including Clinical Nutrition and Organic Chinese Medicine.

She is currently in the process of putting together a series of video tutorials that can be found on her YouTube channel.

You can reach Anna at

Photo: Paulina Aleshkina